Supply Drops!

PrimeFlow aOwner posted Jun 8, 16

Hello everyone, I have added Supply Drops to the server that fall around the spawn Area and in the PvP Arena.

You can get various loot and they spawn every 30 minutes announced.

Good Hunting! Cya!

Supply DropSupply Loot

Staff Applications

PrimeFlow aOwner posted Jun 8, 16

Hello everyone, we are now accepting Staff Applications here at Mythicalcraft! We are in dire need of Moderators and Helpers.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Proffesionalism
  • High Maturity
  • Good Temperament
  • Friendliness and Swifteness to respond
  • Knowledge of Towny Commands
  • Knowledge of Essentials Commands
  • Knowledge of Voting
  • Common Sense

Also, we would like to encourage you to welcome our newest Admin! His name is Trezzy and he is here to fill in when Cripticlord and I are not around. Remember to treat him as well as us!

As always, vote and have fun! Cya there!

Top Voters

PrimeFlow aOwner posted Jun 6, 16

Top monthly Voters will receive special prizes!

Top voters each month will receive money vouchers, Donor Rank Vouchers, Shop Vouchers, Disguises, and more!

Join the race now and climb to the top of the voter list and get your prizes at the end of the month!

There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Good luck!

Update 1.1

PrimeFlow aOwner posted Jun 6, 16

Hey guys we have been working hard to get the 1.9 update as great as 1.8 was.

We have updated:

- Voting Crates

- 1.8 Combat (Back to old style)

- Disguises

- Server Radio

- Mcmmo

- Towny

- Sign Editor

- Silk Spawners

We have also added:

- Towny GUI

- Customized LWC to unlock chests outside of towns for easy looting.

We are currently working on:

- Fixing Deluxechat to our liking

- Adding Mobcatcher back

- Gaining more players

Revival of the Server

PrimeFlow aOwner posted Feb 12, 16

Hey guys, this is Prime. I have decided to come back to Mythicalcraft and dedicate my time to it once again. Perhaps I will have help this time and can accept staff applications appropriately. Expect something big and new!

What I am adding:

- Custom Terrain

- Mobcatcher

- Disguises

 Along with so much more! Expect many Cosmetics to be added as well as gamechanging attributes. We will come back strong this time and I will hit the ground running on this!

Cya there! The ip is!

P.S. - ARGH! Pirates have taken the server! Loot and Plunder to become the wealthiest Nation!